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Mid November Improvements & Affiliate Center News

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November has been a great month here at ThriveCart, as we’ve had some great news regarding our affiliate center and PayPal.

For those who do not know, the past couple of months we have been working closely with the higher levels of PayPal in order to create an affiliate center that works the way it should work, with none of the huge drawbacks that plague every other system currently out there.

The deeper we looked into the limitations of current solutions (Some of which are not public knowledge) the more shocking it became. And we mean, HUGE limitations, such as having a forced maximum lifetime for all of your subscriptions, if sold via an affiliate. (And that’s just one example!)

We weren’t going to settle on creating a platform that has such huge negative limitations for our customers. When we do something, we do it right.

So, after countless hours, days and weeks working closely with PayPal, and after many discussions with their underwriting team, signing documents and working hard to get all the current limitations that affect other solutions lifted, we have finally signed off with them! This means we’ve managed to resolve ALL the limitations that their current existing technologies have.

This isn’t sales hype, these are unfortunate facts. We’ve released a video in our Facebook group to our existing customer outlining all of these and if you’ve not watched it I highly recommend you do.

With all that said, we can now safely say that the affiliate center will be ready to roll out the end of November or early December once we’ve finished wrapping things up AND that it will be by far, the most flexible and powerful affiliate platform available.

But that’s not all…

We’ve also rolled out several new updates to the ThriveCart platform;

  • OntraPort Order Syncing
    You can now automatically sync all of your customers order details with Ontraport! You can enable this under your Ontraport integration within your Settings area. Now, when a customer purchases a product not only will their personal details get sent over, but their order details will sync over as well.
  • Additional Infusionsoft Integration

    We’ve added further integration with Infusionsoft and now your recurring payments will also sync with your customer details if you’ve enabled order syncing! (Making us the most compatible cart platform for Infusionsoft!)
  • Language Translation Amendments
    Based on the ongoing feedback from our customers we’ve also made some amendments to further improve the Spanish and French translations throughout the cart.

On top of all the above, we still continue to make tweaks and improvements to the platform in the background.

We’ve still got a very busy rest of the month now with wrapping up the affiliate center and we’re extremely excited to unveil and roll this out for everyone soon!

Keep an eye on the blog and our Facebook group for the latest updates and news.