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Introducing Quaderno! (+ HubSpot API updates)

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Hi everyone,

Today, we’re really excited to announce that we have a direct integration with Quaderno live and rolled out into the platform for all ThriveCart Pro users.

Head to the Settings area, click Integrations, and choose Quaderno from the list. You’ll connect the two accounts, and from there you can head to your product settings, enable sales tax, and start using Quaderno for all your sales tax calculations from there on.

We’ve also added support for HubSpot’s new authentication mechanism. If you’re using HubSpot, you will need to re-authenticate your account as soon as possible by heading to Settings, clicking Integrations, choosing HubSpot from the list, and then removing the current integration and re-establishing a new connection to the same account. This will use their new OAuth mechanism, and following these steps will leave all your existing rules in place without needing further changes. They are deprecating the old mechanism, so it is strongly recommended that all HubSpot users take these simple steps!

We have more updates to come, so stay tuned for more!,