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New Learn features!

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Hi everyone,

For our first update of 2023 we’re happy to announce a range of new features and improvements for ThriveCart Learn!

Translations for Learn

Now you can provide Learn in your own language! The student dashboard, welcome emails and all controls inside of a course can now be presented in any of our default languages (including but not limited to French, German, Italian and Spanish), and for even more control, you can create a custom translation and apply that to your dashboard and/or courses!

Customise the default sign in page

Now you can customise the default sign in page, which is really useful to make a single, consistent sign in page across all of your courses, or to make sure students get your branding if they go to a generic sign in URL for your account. Find this at the top of your list of courses!

Apply default styling for faster content creation

To make it even faster to consistently apply your font, text size, and colours, you can now choose defaults for your course. Any new content that you drag in will have these styles applied automatically, allowing you to quickly set up a consistent font and colour and focus on adding in your lesson content. This is available under the ‘Default styling’ option inside any lesson editor.

Also rolled into this release are a number of smaller tweaks, improvements and fixes.

2023 is going to be a massive year for ThriveCart and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on!

Stay tuned for more updates!,