Product Updates

Introducing Demio Integration & Advanced Customer Rules 2.0!

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Securing our reputation for the most progressive and advanced cart platform in the industry…

We yet again rolled out an update to ThriveCart today which includes new features and improvements to the system!

As always, we’ve been working non-stop on both developing the platform and on answering your questions and helping all of our users.

So here is the new training and updates we’ve just rolled out…

New Training Article: Cart header images

One of the most common questions we get in our support area is regarding your carts header image and specifically;

‘What’s the best size for a header image to add to the top of the cart template I am using?’

We’ve written an in-depth article breaking this down for you here.

Demio integration

We all know webinars are a great way to share your knowledge, attract new leads, and pitch your products.

The great news is, we’ve added a powerful new feature for those of you who run webinars as part of your marketing funnel.

You can now signup users to your webinars automatically based on their behaviour during checkout and within your funnel!

Want to automatically register visitors who abandon your cart into a follow up re-engagement webinar and send them an invitation to learn more about your product or service?

No problem, ThriveCart can do this all for you, with its new Demio integration!


And, it doesn’t stop there, you can also automatically register visitors or customers to a webinar if they purchase your bump, one of your upsells  or downsells, or even if they use a specific coupon!

You can also add users to a webinar should they decide to refund, giving you the opportunity to win back the customer by providing more value, even if they leave.

And it’s all as simple as a few clicks!

Customer Behaviour Overhaul

Next is a biggie! We’ve completely overhauled the way ThriveCart’s ‘autoresponder rules’ section works.

This overhaul gives you so much more power when choosing actions based on your customer’s behaviour in your checkout and funnel!

You’ll still find it in the same place. However, you’ll notice that the tab is now called ‘Behaviour rules’.

You can now easily connect ThriveCart with various services and automatically add your customers to mailing lists and webinar platforms based on their behaviours and actions.

One of the biggest changes is the ability to set the individual service you wish to set the rule for.

Previously, you had to choose your autoresponder and then set rules based on this specific service.

Now you can choose a new service for each rule.

This means you can add customers to multiple services based on the same action, all at the same time, live as they visit your cart and funnel!

For example;

If your customer purchases your main product, you can add them to a list and tag them in ActiveCampaign, add them to a webinar in Demio and as we expand this area, to further services if needed.

We’ve also added in further triggers for you to select from! Now you can set rules based on…

When your customer:

  • Makes a recurring payment
  • Recurring payment fails
  • Refunds a recurring payment
  • Subscription is cancelled
  • Payment is declined

So now, for example, you will be able to automatically add a customer to a follow-up sequence if their payment is declined and remind them to head back to your checkout and take advantage of your offer! Using these ‘smart rules’ can dramatically increase your conversions!

As you can see, this overhaul to the autoresponder rules section dramatically increases their power and flexibility…

This is just one of the reasons ThriveCart is the leading cart platform for online marketers!


Further Improvements

We’ve also made some improvements to Infusionsoft and your custom fields to make it even better and more flexible.

We have written an article in the support area here which outlines what you need to do on your end within Infusionsoft to sync your custom fields effectively.

We’ve done this due to the way the Infusionsoft API works, and it will ensure that custom fields will not be duplicated and will work across all Infusionsoft accounts.

Lastly, we’ve also updated our GetResponse integration based on their update to their API.

Originally the GetResponse API was unable to unsubscribe a user from your list. They have recently updated this and so we’ve updated on our end to reflect the change. This now gives you the ability to remove users from lists in GetResponse based on their behaviours.
We hope you enjoy our latest powerful update to ThriveCart and we’re looking forward to seeing you all take advantage of the powerful new features.

And… coming up soon, updates on our Affiliate Center, which is nearing release! Stay tuned here, for the latest news on everything ThriveCart!