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New Update: OntraPort Has Arrived! (Plus More Email Enhancements)

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Well, October was a busy month! In fact, over the past few months, the whole team here at ThriveCart HQ has been continually pushing hard to make sure we hit the very aggressive goals we set for the ThriveCart update roadmap.

This month is no different! We’ve got a great line up of updates and features coming and can’t wait to roll them all out. We know you’re going to LOVE them.

Kicking off is the much anticipated…

1. Ontraport Support

Yes, that’s right, Ontraport is here! We’re proud to announce that Ontraport integration has been added to ThriveCart.

You can now easily add your leads and customers to your Ontraport sequences and tags all directly from your product settings area.

We also send over all your customer details including their name, address, and phone number if requested on your cart.

We’re going to be continually improving this integration as we have done for other CRM’s and we will shortly (Within the coming week) also allow you to send your full order and product information as well as all the contact information.

But right now, Ontraport integration is ready and waiting inside your ThriveCart account and we’re really happy to have this rolled out for you all.


2. ActiveCampaign Free Form Tagging

We’ve also made some improvements to our ActiveCampaign integration.

You can now tag users using free form comma separated values instead of choosing from existing tags in ActiveCampaign!

You can still tag users by selecting an existing tag from your tag list, but now you also have the option to add new tags or multiple tags to users without needing to load up ActiveCampaign.

We know a lot of you are going to love this update!


3. AWeber Tag Support

AWeber has recently updated their platform to support tagging and we wanted to ensure we also had this ability within ThriveCart for our AWeber users.

Now when using AWeber with ThriveCart, in your autoresponder rules area you can choose to apply or remove tags to your contacts.

This will then allow you to take full advantage of their new automation campaigns.

This is a powerful update for AWeber.


4. Add Your Logo to Your Receipts

As part of our autoresponder update, we’ve also made an improvement to your receipt that gets sent to your customer when they purchase your product.

You can now add your own branding to your receipts by adding your logo to them.

The great news is that this option is available on a ‘per product’ level, ensuring no matter what product you are selling, you can make sure the branding in the receipt fits the product being sold.

This is great if you have multiple businesses or wish to add the product logo to your receipt.


Wrapping Up

As you can see it’s been another great update, not only with the Ontraport integration but also with the enhancements to our existing integrations and features.

We’re going to be continuing to be working full steam on even more, and we’ve another big month ahead of us.

We hope you really enjoy this awesome update, as you can see ThriveCart is the best most powerful cart platform in the industry by far and continues to grow at a rapid pace.

If you have any questions and want to know how ThriveCart can dramatically help your business, please get in touch and let’s have a chat.

Let us know your thoughts on these new features and updates in the comments below.