Product Updates

Improving CSV exports & commission payouts

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Multiple updates in one week! It’s been a busy one here at ThriveCart and we’re very close to announcing a great new set of features too. For now, let’s break down some improvements.

Extra fields in your CSV exports

Our customers use our CSV exports for a multitude of features, and we’ve added in more fields to give you more information and detail. We now include the amount of affiliate commission, shipping paid, and we’ve normalised all dates and times included in the download to your local timezone, just like when you’re viewing things inside the app.

Custom affiliate commissions

Every affiliate can have custom commissions applied to override the general settings for a particular product. We’ve made a change so that if you customise the payout timing of these, that now applies to every item in the funnel. So for example, if your product is set to pay your affiliates after 30 days, but you apply custom commissions to a particular affiliate so they’re paid instantly, the payouts for any bumps, upsells or downsells in that order will also be paid instantly.

What’s coming next?

As always, keep your eyes on our official Facebook group! It’s where we post all of our updates and our great community is always posting and discussing their businesses and tactics.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team here.