Product Updates

New update – Fixes, tweaks & improvements

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Another busy week from the ThriveCart team. This week we’re focussing on fixing a few small points while we gear up for the big new feature we hinted at last week.

What’s been fixed?

We have identified a couple of small problems – for our users, if you had previously sold something to a customer outside of ThriveCart, their customer object in CIM will now be detected and reused. We fixed a bug preventing you from adding individual tracking code to the two new pricing options we allowed you to set up, and we fixed a glitch in the upsell summary text when you’re charging for shipping only on the initial payment and not for every recurring payment.

There have also been a number of tweaks and improvements for our Spanish-speaking customers (¡Hola!), and some fixes to character formatting in the invoices that are sent to your customers.

What’s coming next?

As always, keep your eyes peeled in our official Facebook group! Big news is coming there very soon.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team here.