Product Updates

Pricing options, OptimizeMember & more!

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Hot off the press this week are more features and improvements! Let’s break it down.

More pricing options

We’ve raised the number of pricing options that you can have on a single product up to 6! This will help users who want to sell variations on their product, whether that’s sizes and colour options or alternative payment choices such as offering a discount for paying annually or for lifetime access.

Added support for OptimizeMember’s ‘EOT’

The EOT parameter in OptimizeMember lets you expire a customer’s access to a level after a specific period of time. We’ve added the ability for you to set this parameter now. Want to only give a customer access to the level you’ve chosen for a week? Just type ‘7’ in to the ‘EOT’ field when you’re choosing what level they gain access to. (Note that this only applies when using a ‘level’ in OptimizeMember, not a ‘package’!)

Other fixes and improvements

Every week here at ThriveCart we are improving and refining our platform. We’ve fixed Shopify’s display of UTF8 characters, added new fields for our Google Sheets users, improved the data that we expose to custom scripts on our success pages, and much more.

What’s coming next?

Big news is coming soon – keep your eyes on our official Facebook group! If you’re not a member already, join today! It’s where we post all of our updates and our great community is always posting and discussing their businesses and tactics.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team here.