Product Updates

New currencies and affiliate management!

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Witaj! Kamusta! This week we’ve got great news for our international users, plus massive features that will help you guys with affiliates! As you know, we are dedicated to keeping our platform growing and making sure we’re the most powerful platform there is.

New currencies

We’ve added support for the Polish złoty and the Philippine piso. These are fully supported by Stripe and PayPal, and they’re available for use right now.

Affiliate management

We’ve all been there, with a customer contacting us to say that they meant to buy through a particular affiliate’s link but they forgot!

Now you can take any sale in ThriveCart, and apply an affiliate to it. You can then pay all of the commissions they would have been due, or if it’s a subscription, you can choose to only pay them commission going forwards as further rebills are charged.

And by the same token, you can also remove an affiliate from a sale, preventing them from getting further commission or clawing back all of the commissions they’ve been paid already!

You can also now sort your affiliates by their refund rate or how much traffic they’ve sent you!

We’re sure this will help everyone, especially anyone with lots of affiliates.

Other fixes and improvements

We release updates every week – so far, we’re at more than 256 updates just this year. This week is no exception, with another raft of smaller improvements to make your lives easier while you’re managing your businesses, including making life easier for Australian customers by having them select their state rather than typing it out, several improvements for users, and more.

What’s coming next?

We’re ramping up the pace through the end of this year! We’ve got some extremely exciting news coming soon, so make sure you keep your eyes on our official Facebook group! If you’re not a member already, join today! It’s where we post all of our updates and our great community is always posting and discussing their businesses and tactics.

If you have any questions, as always, you can reach our fast and friendly support team here.

Enjoy the update!,