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Massive new feature! Our huge physical products support feature has landed!

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It’s here…

One of our most anticipated and updates has arrived and it does not disappoint. This is a HUGE update empowering your and your funnels even more than before.

One of the key things we do here at ThriveCart is work incredibly hard on high-quality engineering. When we talk about high-quality engineering, we’re talking about creating a solution that is not only extremely powerful but also extremely easy to use. The flip side is that when we release something as big as this and you cast your eye over it for the first time, it may look extremely simple can hide some of the incredible power it provides you. So we’re going to highlight some of the powerful functionality this update provides.

Now, when planning physical product support for the platform, we could have added “collect shipping address” and “add shipping rate” fields to the product settings and called this “physical product support” like other platforms do. But, as you know, that’s not how we do things at ThriveCart. We do things properly.

When we undertake a feature or integration, we don’t think about how quickly we can roll this out and how much hype we can give it before rushing on to the next ‘shiny’ feature. We carefully and meticulously plan, refine, and develop an effective and powerful solution that is really easy to use and works best for you and the platform. Providing you with a more reliable and higher performing system.

What does the physical product’s update provide?

This is is huge, so let’s try and break it down into a list of features for you;

  • The ability to sell physical products in your funnel (including main products, bumps, upsells, and downsells)
  • Fulfil a combination of digital and physical product (such as a membership platform with a physical product)
  • Create free plus shipping offers
  • Create variable shipping options based on your customer’s specific locations
  • Create variable shipping options that are always available
  • Create variable shipping options based on the quantity of product added to the order
  • Set if the shipping is charged once per order or if it increases as the number of items is increased on the checkout
  • Create variable shipping options based on the different payment options (so different payment options can fulfil different products)
  • Create different shipping options and rates based on the main product, bump, and upsells/downsells.
  • Set public facing shipping labels for the product which detail what your customer is paying for
  • For split-pay, set the fulfilment to be shipped on the first payment or only after all payments are complete
  • For subscription products, set the shipping to be charged on the initial payment option, or if it’s a recurring shipping charge (if you’re shipping items on each payment)
  • Set different fulfilment based on the rebill number, letting you sequence out fulfillment of different products over different payments in their subscription.
  • Custom ordering of shipping options on your checkout page when applicable
  • Shipping options will only appear when they are valid for the customer
  • Integrated sales tax support for physical products, including a whole range of new product categories to choose when setting up sales tax
  • A large number of fulfilment platforms including, Kunaki, Printful, Shippo, and Zapier
  • The Google Sheets integration lets you integrate with almost any fulfilment service you may want to use
  • And more…

When creating your shipping and fulfilment options in your products everything is very easy to follow and set up. Even setting up the integrations with the various different fulfilment provides will contain a quick video walking you through anything you need to do if it’s more than a click or two.

So even if you have multiple shipping options set up for your product, only the valid shipping options for that customer will be shown. In this example, we have a US-National based shipping option and an International shipping option. As the customer is from New Zealand, only the international shipping option is displayed and an option for them.

You can, of course, create multiple shipping options available for different regions and then let your customer choose which shipping method they want to use.

We’re very proud of all the powerful features we have added in this update, whilst making it SUPER simple to use!

We have also provided more fulfillment integrations from day one, than any other cart platform in the industry (six already ready to use – with more coming in the very near future).

We really hope you enjoyed this latest update. As always, we’ll be posting more info about what is coming soon in the official Facebook group, so keep your eyes open for announcements as they happen 

If you have any questions or feedback about anything in this update, please contact our fast and friendly support team here.