Product Updates

Great news for Drip users! Workflows & tags support!

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For all our Drip users, we have some great news for you!

We’ve added support for Drip’s Workflows and Tags! Now you can set up a rule to trigger a workflow when your customer buys, or abandons, or refunds, and follow up with them using all of Drip’s functionality. It’s really easy – just create a rule, choose Drip, then choose ‘Workflow’, and pick the workflow you’ve already created in Drip, and you’re set.

You can also easily add tags to them – just do the same thing and choose ‘Tag’ instead. Remember, you can stack up and create multiple rules easily, or you can add tags to them via the workflow itself as well. It’s really powerful and a great feature by Drip, and we really hope you like it.

We’ve also tweaked how our EU VAT number validation works so that it doesn’t zero-rate when you and your customer are both in the same country.

Stay tuned – we have a giant update coming really soon and we can’t wait to share it with you!