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Protect Yourself & Your Business with Improved Security

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Security is important, especially when dealing with sensitive customer data and your businesses income. One of the most overlooked security measures is your password. Over 60% of people use the same password across multiple systems, meaning if someone was to work out your password, they could, in theory, have access to multiple services you use.

Now imagine for a minute that someone knew the password to your shopping cart system. What could they do? What would they have access to? Your customer details, your financials, your product library, affiliates, and much, much more.

At ThriveCart we take security seriously, and make sure we’re using the best encryption to help keep your account and your personal information secure.

Whilst we can’t control what you set for your password, we can help add an additional layer of security to your account in the form of 2-factor authentication.

This essentially requires you to enter a 6 digit code when logging into your account which you retrieve from a mobile app like Google Authenticator. This ensures that if someone did happen to know your password, without your mobile device they wouldn’t be able to access your account.

You can enable 2-Factor Authentication from your profile area within your account.