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New features to help your business Thrive! (Our latest update)

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Since our last big update, the whole team here at ThriveCart HQ have been hard at work.

We spend a lot of time making sure we don’t just focus on how quickly we can ‘tick off’ our to-do list of features for the platform.

Instead, we make sure each feature is carefully thought out and given the time it deserves, so it is implemented in an easy to use way and works how it should work.

Many software companies get this wrong, and it has always been a top priority for us to get it right.

This update is no different, so, let’s have a look at the new features we have in store for our users!

The Coupon Management Area

We are proud to introduce the new Coupon Management Area for ThriveCart.


Rather than just add a coupon field to our checkouts, we wanted to create something more robust and useful when it comes to helping you make more money!

— Types of coupons you can create:

  • Fixed Price Discount Coupons
    A coupon that gives a specific dollar amount off, that can be used across a specific products funnel.
  • Percentage Off Coupons
    Give a percentage discount. With this coupon, you can set whether or not it also applies to your bump, your other funnel items and even any future recurring charges where appropriate.

— Coupon features:

  • Valid From/To date
    Create coupons that automatically activates and/or deactivates on specific dates. For example, set up Easter or Black Friday coupons that only work at that time of year.


  • Fix total number of uses
    Expire a coupon after it has been used a set number of times. This can create urgency and scarcity that helps increase conversions. (This can be great for promo emails offering a discount ‘for the next 50 people only’ etc)


  • Create once, use on multiple products
    Create a coupon once and then select which product/s it can be applied to. This stops you having to create the same coupon multiple times for different products.
  • Automatically tag/add to list
    When one of your prospects purchases a product using a coupon, ThriveCart lets you add them to a lists or tag them automatically. (So you can offer them more coupon promotions in future for example)


  • Coupon Discount URLS
    When you create a coupon, a discount URL is automatically created for it. When someone is given this URL they are taken to your cart with the coupon discount automatically applied. This removes the step of your customer having to manually enter the coupon in your cart.


Multi-Pay Support (Split Pay)

This update officially rolls out the much requested ‘split pay’ support to ThriveCart.

Now you can create multi-pay offers, such as “pay $99 now and $99 in a months time” or “$297 for the next three months” for example.

At the same time, we totally overhauled our product pricing area options, to make it even easier and clearer to set up the type or products you want.


You now select the type of product you are creating from the drop down box and fill in the appropriate fields for each one.

Only the fields that relate to that type or product show, to avoid confusion and make everything super simple.

We also included a helpful ‘hint box’ at the bottom, which breaks down into a sentence exactly what type or product you set up and what your customers will be billed and when. (See screenshot for an example)

Free Product & Free Trial Support

ThriveCart is now one of the only cart platforms that supports free products and free trial configurations, however, you want to set them up!

This means you can create free products as any part of your funnel, as a free trial into a subscription, create a 100% discount coupon that discounts the total price of your product to free for the customer.. and much more!


This was a very popular request and is difficult if not impossible to achieve with other platforms. This is now easy and fully supported inside of ThriveCart!

Additional Included updates

  • Customizable Buy Button Text for all carts
  • Third Party WebHook support
  • Support for six new currencies
  • OPMember Package support (Levels were already supported)
  • Customer names now provided to Wishlist Member
  • Loading OPMembers customized level names
  • Updated customer receipts for better clarity
  • Updated product list design for easier usability (Including cloning products)
  • Support for upgrading accounts in Wishlist Member (So your existing customers inside Wishlist get access to their new purchases in their account)
  • Misc fixes, tweaks and improvements

(Bold items represent popular requests)

And lastly.. the big question..

When will all of this new functionality be available inside your ThriveCart account?

The good news is… it already is! This is live right now.

Simply log in to check out all the new features and put them to use in your business immediately.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, we are already hard at work on the next update which has a lot of exciting things included!

(Whilst we need to stay vague for now, we are already working on some big things when it comes to affiliate management inside of ThriveCart and we are focused on new integrations too, especially additional payment processors)

Keep your eyes peeled and thanks for using ThriveCart, we hope you enjoy the latest update!