Product Updates

Membership integration updates and more

Reading Time: < 1 minute

This week we’re pleased to say that we’ve fixed some bugs in our membership platform integrations.

We’ve expanded support for a variety of extra third-party plugins that affected Wishlist integration, so the chances of there being a conflict are significantly reduced! We’ve also improved the integration for those of you with strict firewalls on your websites which sometimes blocked us from being able to tell your site about new users.

We’ve fixed a problem where your customer’s ZIP/post code didn’t show up in their customer hub area when viewing their details, for those of you using our advanced webhook integration we’ve added in the ID of the pricing option your customer purchased, and we’ve fixed a problem with the field validation on the checkout pages in certain browsers too. We also solved a problem affecting a small number of users where affiliate coupons didn’t work properly.

As always, enjoy the update and stay tuned for more news soon!,