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Powerful Affiliate Centre Updates!

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The start of the month kicked off with some powerful updates including the ability to use your own custom upsell pages and our industry-leading Zapier app, providing functionality unrivalled by other cart platforms.

The rest of this month has been no different at the ThriveCart HQ. More long days and late nights, to ensure ThriveCart is the most advanced, yet simple to use cart platform out there.

We’ve been busy in many areas this month including work on our upcoming physical product support update, dunning features, invoices, and much much more.

At the beginning of the month, we also mentioned that we have been working behind the scenes on another huge update for the affiliate centre. I’m happy to say the update today contains these new features. And coming really soon is our giant physical products update that we’re really excited to share with you all!

Affiliate Specific Coupons

Yes, that’s right! You can now tie affiliates to specific coupons. This powerful feature removes the dependency on affiliate links and gives you the ability to provide a coupon code to your affiliates, which they can then in turn share with their audience.

If your affiliates are on a webinar, podcast, interview, or any means that giving a link might not be convenient. They can simply promote your website and their coupon code. Much easier to remember “head over to and use the coupon code ‘dalevip’ to secure your discount today”.  Instead of trying to direct users to a potentially complicated URL. It gives you affiliates more freedom in their promotions.

When a customer enters the coupon code into your cart, not only will they get a great discount (which you set), but the referring affiliate will also be recognised and earn their commission for the sale.

Now you can make things even simpler for your affiliates so they can promote a simple coupon code instead of having their audience click through affiliate links.

Turn Customers into Affiliates With a Push of a Button

Another powerful feature is the ability to turn your customers into revenue-generating affiliates quickly and easily.

Have a customer who loves your product so much they want to promote it? Well, no need to get them to go through the whole signup process of becoming an affiliate themselves. You can do this for them with a push of a button. Directly from within your account.

This even works if they’re already an affiliate for another product on the ThriveCart platform, you can simply view their profile and assign your products to them so they can also promote yours.

This helps streamline the process for getting affiliates on board and helps you use your army of customers to drive sales and increase your revenue.


‘Favourite’ Affiliates

Do you find you have a few specific affiliates that you’re always checking on?

Maybe you have a close relationship with several key affiliates and want to quickly and easily see their performance and stats in your account.

Well, now you can ‘favourite’ individual affiliates. This simple but powerful feature lets you sort your affiliates showing you a group of specific key affiliates.


Pass Coupon Codes Through Affiliate Links

Do you want to give affiliates the ability to pass through coupons that are automatically applied at checkout for your products?

We all know how great it is when you land on a checkout page and the coupon code is automatically applied, giving the customer that instant discount and the sense of increased value urging them to complete their purchase.

Well, now you can do this with your affiliate links. You simply need to let your affiliate know a minor addition to add to their URL.

This helps protect your products from coupons being used by every referred customer, and affiliates whom you give this coupon code to can choose who and how they distribute this automatic discount.

Let’s take a look at a quick example. Your affiliate’s link to your landing page is https://jsmith–

You have a coupon for 50% off the purchase you’re happy for affiliates to use. Your coupon code is ’50OFF’. The affiliate simply needs to add ?coupon=50OFF to the end of the URL.

The total URL would be https://jsmith– 

Now, when a lead clicks through the affiliates link and lands on your landing/sales page, when they go through to your checkout page the coupon ’50OFF’ will automatically be applied in the checkout page. Just like when you use a coupon URL yourself.

New Affiliate Behaviour Rules

We already have a super powerful behaviour rule system for your affiliates. Letting you automate multiple tasks all based on your affiliates behaviour.

We’ve now extended support for these for wider scenarios.

You can now trigger actions based on when an affiliate makes any sale or a refund is processed for any order.


As we mentioned above, very soon our giant physical products functionality is coming and we’re pushing full steam ahead to get that to you as soon as possible. Keep your eyes peeled on the blog and our Facebook group for more news!