Product Updates

EU VAT Number validation, Google Pay, Automatic Stripe PCI Compliance and more…

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We are super excited to reveal our latest round of updates to the ThriveCart platform.

It’s a big one! We’ve got new features, integrations, improved business functionality, all as part of this month’s updates.

1. EU VAT number verification

ThriveCart users have already been able to take full advantage or our built-in digital sales tax support, without the use of any third-party tools or platforms for tax calculation. You can find out more about digital sales tax collection here.

Now your business customers can verify their VAT number directly in the cart and zero-rate the added sales tax!

This allows them to remove the sales tax from their purchase. No need for any other (paid for) services!

See our helpdesk article for further details on how to set this up.

2. Google Pay support

Now your customers can pay directly via Google Pay on supported browsers and mobile devices!

This joins our already existing Apple Pay support to ensure ThriveCart provides the most ways for your customer to pay you compared to any other platform!

See our helpdesk article for further details on how to set this up.

3. Abbreviated address support

Now you can select to show an abbreviated version of the address fields.

This allows you to collect enough info to adhere to sales tax requirements, whilst showing fewer fields to boost speed, ease of checkout, and conversions!

You can set what address information you want to capture from your customer under your Checkout > Customize > Requested fields area.

4. Automatic PCI Compliance (this is huge!)

Now simply by using Stripe through us, you can be PCI compliant.

Most other cart platforms do NOT use the latest technology to integrate with Stripe (Including a newly released one) which means, you now need to fill out multi-page documentation with Stripe in order to be PCI compliant. With us, it’s all done for you!

*NOTE: We obviously cannot confirm/control if your entire business is PCI compliant, but we help handle the cart > payment processor side of things.

5. Conversion Boosting Cart Entry Fields

We’ve updated how the credit card entry portion of your carts work with Stripe. This reduces the number of fields, makes it easier and quicker to fill out, adds a dedicated ‘mobile device’ mode that makes mobile purchases easier and gives live feedback on the info they enter!

This could mean, even better conversions for you guys!

6. Speed upgrades (platform, cart, and embeddable carts)

We’ve rolled out significant updates to the platform to dramatically improve speeds.

This includes both embeddable and modal carts, as well as cart pages, funnels, and platform usage. This should further boost user experience and conversions.

This is part 1 of a range of speed improvements to the already optimized platform. Tweaks and improvements to the platform are something we do consistently, even if we don’t shout about it every time.

As always, we hope you enjoy the latest round of updates, we put a lot of time and effort into the platform and love to see your feedback.