Product Updates

Weekly fixes and updates

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Today we’ve released a new update, with a big list of improvements and tweaks to the platform!

We’ve extended the PayPal refund period to the full 180 days that they allow, we’ve added the ability for your customers to explicitly decline all cookies on the cookie bar (If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the ‘Legal & Compliance’ section in your account settings) and we’re also pushing your affiliates to sign our new GDPR-related policies so that you’re compliant.

We also have a series of fixes in several different areas – we’ve identified and resolved a problem with resuming Stripe subscriptions if multiple customer objects existed with the same email address, we’ve fixed the translation of the refund invoice sent out for those of you using our translations, and we’ve improved the accessibility of our coupon code button on the checkout pages.

As always, we’re rolling out features, updates and improvements every week here at ThriveCart so keep checking back for more news!