Product Updates

Customisable login & registration pages, new sequences, and much more!

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Hi everyone,

Today we’re pleased to announce our first major update to the platform for 2022! Let’s dive in and explore the new functionality included in today’s release.

Customisable login and registration pages

You can now completely customise the registration page your students see when they first create their account, and the sign in page where they’ll go to view their content later. Style these pages to match your brand and give customers and students a tightly integrated experience as they go from your cart to your members area.

Customisable student dashboard

Once students have logged in, you can now also fully customise the dashboard where they’ll see all of the courses they’ve purchased from you! Greet your students, give them a bonus or download for being a member, or just match the style to your brand!

New Learn+ sequences

If you’ve got Learn+, you know how flexible and powerful sequences are! We’ve supercharged these with three new features!

You can now trigger an action when a student has had access for a certain amount of time. A great use-case for this is to remove a student’s access to your course after a certain amount of time! This limits how long students can access it for in just a few clicks!

Sequences can now remove tags too, so you can fully manage tags on your students automatically.

And finally, you can now also only run a sequence if a tag is already applied to a student, for even more flexibility.

Smaller improvements and updates

As well as all of these new features, we’ve also included a range of improvements and tweaks to the platform, as we continue to ensure that ThriveCart is the most robust and reliable platform for your business.

2022 is set to be an amazing year for ThriveCart, with a huge amount of new functionality in the pipeline, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on!

Stay tuned!,