Product Updates

Bulk affiliate commission payouts and more!

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Hi everyone! We’re really pleased to announce new ThriveCart functionality today!

You can now pay your affiliates their commissions in a single bulk payment, instead of sending them individual transactions for each and every commission that they earn.

This is a powerful feature which will help you choose how and when your affiliates get paid, but that’s not all – you can now also hold payments until certain criteria are met!

Easily choose whether to:

  • Only pay commissions once a certain amount has been earned (e.g. set a minimum payout of $10,000 to incentivise affiliates to send more traffic and sales)
  • Only pay commissions once a certain number of sales has been made (e.g. only pay after an affiliate has made 100 sales)
  • Only pay commissions on a certain day of the month (e.g. pay out on the 1st of each month

There’s also tweaks to existing functionality to let you pay any commissions that are scheduled for the future early, and we’ve made it easier to make manual payments too.

We’ve also got new features added in to ThriveCart Learn!

We’ve changed how scrolling works so that your course headers will stay in place – keeping your branding visible to students – and for those of you with lots of modules and lessons, we’ve added the option to close all modules except the current one, to keep students focussed on the area they’re currently working in.

We’ve also included a series of fixes and improvements to this large update. All of the above is live in your account right now, and we’re excited to see everyone using the new functionality.

Stay tuned for more news and updates coming soon!,