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ApplePay Comes To ThriveCart

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We’re REALLY excited to announce….

ThriveCart’s support for ApplePay is now LIVE!

You can now offer ApplePay as a checkout option for your customers, using ThriveCart!

The GREAT thing about this… on a mobile device, all it takes for your visitors to check-out and purchase your product….. is their fingerprint or pin code!

That is SO easy.

There has never been an easier way to buy online. No logging into PayPal or typing PayPal addresses, no having to enter credit card info etc..

We all know, having to do this stops many visitors converting into customers (Especially visitors on a mobile device) because they decide to ‘come back later, (Which may not happen) when on a proper computer’ because it’s hard to enter info on a mobile device.

And, with mobile traffic now higher than EVER, giving your visitors the ability to check out and purchase your product with the flick of their thumb, makes it easier than ever to convert that huge traffic source into sales!

Removing conversion barriers always helps to increase profits, and that is what we have done here at ThriveCart.  Being the first cart platform to offer ApplePay as a payment option for your customers!

We are very proud of this feature, and here a video for you to watch and see how it can help your business.

Oh, and yes. It ALSO works on desktop devices, as well as mobile!

We can’t wait to see everyone’s amazing results using this.

What our video on ApplePay below