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6 New Updates Today! (And whats in store for October)

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After Septembers massive update with new features and enhancements, we’ve got an even more impressive month ahead. We’ve got loads planned this October including some excellent new features that are going to help you sell more and make more money from your products.

Last month we rolled out our updates in a single large update, this month we’re doing things a little differently. We’re planning on rolling out updates once they’ve gone through our quality control testing, so you have access and can start implementing them into your business sooner.

We’ve already kicked off yesterday with our ‘first in the industry’ update for ApplePay support.

Today is no different with an additional 6 New Updates and enhancements!

1. Quantity Limits

This is great for users who want to induce some scarcity to your checkouts, or even for users who genuinely need to have a limit on the number of sales for a specific product.

This limit works across all products, so if you’ve got a digital product or maybe a coaching service but you only have so many slots available you can easily limit the number of sales for that product.

As people purchase your product or service, the countdown on the cart page will update live with the remaining number left. When that limit is reached you can then decide what action happens.

For you evergreen users you can simply ‘reset’ the countdown, ensuring your promotions keep ticking over, but give that scarcity to your customers as the product remaining goes down as users are buying.

If you genuinely want the product to stop selling when it’s reached its quantity you can either look to replace the cart with a short message or, redirect to a custom URL – great is you maybe want to send them to an opt-in page or if you only had X at a certain price, you can redirect to a new cart page at the higher price point.

All of this is done automatically for you and is built right into ThriveCart. We’re looking forward to seeing you implement this in your promotions.

Watch a video on quantity limits here:

2. Terms & Conditions Check Box

We’ve now made it possible for your customers to agree to your terms and conditions before they can purchase your product.

This can be extremely useful if you wish to ensure your customers are aware of any specific conditions prior to checking out. Perfect for users selling service based products.

What’s more, you’ve got a couple of options on how the feature works.

You can have it set as a popup with your terms and conditions listed inside. At the bottom is an accept button which when clicked automatically checks the box.

The other option is to supply a URL to a custom page. In this scenario when a user clicks the link to view your terms and conditions, a new browser tab will be opened with your custom URL in there (ensuring your potential customer is never taken away from your checkout page – and possibly losing that sale).

Watch a video on your new terms & conditions checkbox here:

3. Collect The Business Name

Something that’s often overlooked by many services out there but is incredibly important for anyone selling business to business is the ability to collect the business name as well as the customer name and address.

We’re happy to say you can now choose whether you want to collect the business name from your customers, including making it optional.


4. Quarterly Billing

We’ve updated our billing options within ThriveCart to give you even more, flexibility with your recurring payments.

Now when setting up your subscription payments you can choose the option to bill your customers every quarter.

5. Include Custom Field Data in Receipts

A minor but important option is to enable your custom field data to be included in your receipts.

By default, this was added to your customer order information within ThriveCart and passed through to compatible autoresponders ensuring you had access to the data in multiple ways.

Now you can choose whether or not you want your customers to receive a copy of this information as well.

6. Ability To Disable EU Digital Sales Tax

We’ve made no effort shy away from the fact that we have digital sales tax calculation built into ThriveCart. It’s not limited to the EU but covers the world, and will automatically update when new countries and regions start imposing sales tax on digital products (like Australia will next year).

Other services out there will let you integrate with other systems which you need to pay an additional monthly fee for to calculate your tax. At ThriveCart we pay and integrate with a tax system on your behalf and apply the relevant calculations for you and your products.

This is something you can enable on a per product basis so you may wish to collect tax on product A but not on product B.

However, there are some users who feel that they should not or do not need to collect sales tax for their EU based customers but want to continue collecting tax for their US based customers.

We always recommend speaking to your accountant and make sure you are following the law, but for users who feel they do not need to collect EU sales tax but collect sales tax everywhere else, you can now disable EU Sales tax collection.


Wrapping Up

Everyone loved the updates last month and the feedback in the Facebook group has been mind blowing.

You can see it’s been another busy start to the month with new features and enhancements within ThriveCart. All of which are built with you in mind, to make running your cart as smooth and profitable as possible. Alongside these updates, we are always tweaking and implementing smaller changes that go mostly unnoticed as part of our continued commitment to deliver the best possible cart system for you.

We’ve still got loads more to come this month, so keep your eyes peeled in your accounts and here on the blog with what’s to come.

Enjoy this update and tell us what you think in the comments below.