Product Updates

Announcement video!

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We’re busy, really busy with ThriveCart and are committed to the platform and to you, but it’s time to set a few things straight.

  • What do we do at ThriveCart day to day?
  • What happens behind the scenes?
  • What’s coming next and when?
  • How often do/will we update the platform?
  • Whats our plans for the future?

Here’s a very open video that our CEO recorded where he shares ALL the above.

There are some misconceptions he clears up and also some stats that will SURPRISE you.

And, we’ll be sharing more from now on… You’ve probably already seen that we’ve backdated the blog this year with all our main releases…

Giving more regular updates in the official Facebook group, our blog and via email is an area we’re focusing on improving, and lately, we’ve been so busy with development, I haven’t been sharing and keeping you all in the loop enough.

Don’t worry… That’s changing.

Enjoy the video.