Product Updates

Columns, design sharing, and more!

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Hi everyone,

We’re really pleased to share news of more updates to ThriveCart!

Right away in April we’ve added the ability to add columns of content to your cart pages! You can also now add your own custom HTML into your cart pages directly.

We’ve also added the ability to easily share your designs with other users, and import those designs into your account!

Every cart can now be made multi-step (providing the customer with tabs for their billing info, shipping info if relevant, and payment info) or single-step (where all the fields are in a list). This is really flexible and helps you design the cart you want to use!

We’ve also tweaked the layout of a few things inside the editor to make things easier to access and make the SEO settings more prominent.

Stay tuned for more updates throughout April!,