Product Updates

Big improvements to our payouts queue!

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Today, we’re really pleased to announce a major upgrade to our queue system.

Sometimes, you’ll run into errors when trying to pay your affiliates or JV partners their earnings. It could be that you don’t have enough funding in your PayPal account, or maybe they’ve accidentally removed the permissions for ThriveCart to pay them successfully. From now on, when this happens, payouts to your other affiliates will continue as normal, and only those going to the affected affiliate will be blocked!

This is great news for people with lots of affiliates, and we’re sure this will make things much easier to manage. As part of this update, we’ve also made a big improvement to the Payments page, so that you can quickly and easily identify which payments have failed, and retry them, cancel them, or convert them into manual payments to pay those affiliates outside of ThriveCart.

This update is live in your accounts now and you don’t need to do anything to get the benefits of it!

Enjoy the update and stay tuned!,