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Septembers Massive Update! (7+ Updates)

Reading Time: 6 minutes

It’s been non-stop here at ThriveCart for the past several months.

We’ve been working flat out on the customer management area, client license features and more importantly the affiliate centre. These areas of the platform are huge and have been taking up a lot of our development time.

Whilst we’re finalising our policies with PayPal for the affiliate system (it’s going to be amazing!) we’ve not stopped and have been hard at work doing some crazy hours to bring you even more, updates and features to ThriveCart that will help you to sell more and make more money.

So let’s take a look at this month’s massive roll out to the system.

1. The Embeddable Cart

This is massive! A first in the industry and not just a popup modal type cart (that we’ve had since January) but a cart that is fully embeddable directly into your websites posts and pages.

Using this cart template gives you the ability to take payments directly from your sales pages, removing the need to direct users elsewhere to go through your checkout.

Writing a blog post about your new product? Embed the cart into the bottom of your post and you can start taking payments directly from your post, making it super quick and easy for your customers to make their order.

You don’t need to worry about mobile users either, as it’s completely responsive and adapts to fit all devices perfectly.

It’s completely safe & secure and gives you unlimited possibilities. We’re excited to see what you do with it.


2. Total Infusionsoft Functionality

For our Infusionsoft customers, this is another big one, we were already ahead of the game providing integration with Infusionsoft that no other cart solution out there offered and now we’ve gone even further. With ThriveCart you can now additionally:

  1. Record all sales from ThriveCart into Infusionsoft
  2. Full tagging support based on customer behaviour (refunds, abandons, etc.)
  3. Custom field mapping; your custom field data from ThriveCart will also be sent over to Infusionsoft

These additional features along with our current Infusionsoft integrations ensures we’re the best option for any user using Infusionsoft.


3. A/B Testing

For those of you who love to test and really want to drill down improving your conversions, we’ve introduced A/B Split testing into ThriveCart.

This powerful feature allows you to easily pitch two products against each other to see which performs better for a chosen metric.

From your ThriveCart dashboard page you can quickly create a split test, get given a unique URL to send your traffic to, and then at the end of the test ThriveCart will automatically pick the winner and direct all new traffic to the best performing cart.

Want to know if changing the price point for your product will increase your overall sales revenue? Now you can.


4. Tracking ID Functionality

This is a great feature for users who want to track where their sales are actually coming from.

If you’ve got multiple links to your cart page and want to easily find out exactly what traffic source is providing you with the most sales then you can do this by easily adding a tracking ID to your carts URL.

Then, whenever a customer purchases your product through that URL they will be tagged with the ID. This ID will then show in your transactions area under the customer details. You can also filter your customers by the ID tag to view exactly who bought and from where.


5. Sale Notification Emails

We had a massive request for this, so we pushed it forward to get this rolled out for you guys sooner.

At the moment you can receipt notification of payments from PayPal and Stripe, but a lot of you wanted a notification from ThriveCart with the customer details and what they had bought.

Well, now you can receive notifications direct to your email for your sales made through ThriveCart.

It’s completely optional as well, in case you’re happy with your current PayPal and Stripe notifications. You can easily enable or disable this from your account profile.


6. Video Embeds

Something we’ve hinted at before is the ability to embed videos directly into your cart pages. We’re happy to announce that you can now embed videos into some of the checkout templates.

On selected templates you can now embed a video into the cart page. This is a great small, but powerful feature.

One powerful example of this feature would be to have an auto-playing video on your cart page with testimonials. This way when a user lands on the page they will be greeted by social proof on your product and engaged as to why they should buy it.

Obviously, you can use this space for any video you’d like, but this is just a great example.

Stay tuned for a video specific cart we’re going to be rolling out shortly as well.


7. Product Labels

This is a great back-end feature to help manage and sort your products easier within your dashboard.

We know from experience that you may have multiple products with the same name, but maybe with different settings such as a different cart template (handy if you might be split testing a product).

This allows you to give a secondary name (label) for your product so you can easily identify it within your dashboard. When searching your products, your labels will also be included to make sure locating specific products in your account can be done quickly and easily.


Additional Updates Rolled Out

As well as these 7 powerful updates rolled out in the system, we’ve also made some other changes to help improve your experience whilst using ThriveCart.

  • Danish Krone Currency Support.
    As part of our on-going mission to ensure a multinational cart platform that allows you to sell in both your local languages and currencies, we’ve also included support for DDK (Danish Krone) currency for your products. Now in your product settings when going through your payment options you can now choose DDK from the drop down list and start selling your products in your local currency.
  • Redesigned Product Settings Area.
    We’ve updated the product creation & settings screens including layout and organisational changes. This is to improve the flow and logic when setting up your products. Everything it much simpler and easier to follow now.
  • 10% Speed Increase Across The Entire App.
    We’ve implemented changes that’s given a 10%+ boost to load times across the app giving you a much better experience and less wait time. Meaning you can be in and out and getting on with the important things in your business faster.
  • Transactions (Customer Area) Speed Improvements.
    On top of the 10% speed increase across the app, we’ve also implemented changes to the customer order area that will improve the speed in which you can search and locate your customers.

Wrapping Up

As you can see it’s been a busy time for us here at ThriveCart getting these updates and features rolled out for you. We hope you enjoy these new awesome and powerful features, as you can see ThriveCart is the best most powerful cart platform in the industry by far and continues to grow. Alongside these updates, we are always tweaking and implementing smaller changes that go mostly unnoticed as part of our continued commitment to deliver the best possible cart system for you.

The positive feedback from our users continues to roll in and we’re full committed to staying on course with our very aggressive roadmap of updates in the near future.

Enjoy this update and tell us what you think in the comments below.