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Our first big update for ThriveCart (And what’s next)

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Over the past few weeks, the entire team here at ThriveCart have been working around the clock to bring you the first update to our platform.

And, it’s a whopper!

Let’s get into exactly what’s included in this update, but as you read, remember.. this is just the start of things to come!

What does the update include?

Let’s take a look at everything that’s included in the update:

AutoResponder Integrations:

As well as the existing supported integrations, you can now integrate with the following Autoresponders quickly and easily from within ThriveCart’s settings page.

  • ConvertKit
    This awesome and relatively new platform was a popular request so we made sure this was included in our first update.
  • Hubspot
    This great platform is used by a lot of marketers and again, was one of our top requests.
  • HTML for Autoresponders
    This was easily one of our most popular requests so far, so we made sure this was included! It allows you to paste your forms code into the appropriate area in ThriveCart and we do the rest to automatically make sure your leads are added to the appropriate list. Theoretically, this means you can use ThriveCart with any autoresponder platform, even when a specific integration is not yet supported.

Membership Platform Integrations:

We had a lot of requests for different membership platforms and all the biggest requests are included in this first update.

  • Digital Access Pass (DAP)
    We are happy to announce, DAP integration is complete. We worked closely with the guys over at DAP to get this done as quickly as possible, as this was overall, our second most popular request. You can now easily integrate with this membership platform from inside ThriveCart.
  • MemberMouse
    Membermouse was another popular request and this is also included in this update.
  • OPMember
    OptimisePress is a great platform and a popular request was to integrate with their membership platform OPMember. Full support for this has been added in this new update.

Additions and Improvements:

We also spent a lot of time adding tweaks, new options and improvements to the platform. Here is a breakdown of what is included in this update.

  • Deeper Infusionsoft Integration
    Whilst Infusionsoft integration was included in ThriveCart from day one, many people requested a deeper integration and ability to pass through full address details of customers to contacts inside Infusionsoft and also include the order details (product info, price etc) and record that under the contact details inside Infusionsoft. This has all been added and is included in this update.
    *Special thanks to Adrian Savage for his time and suggestions with this

  • PayPal Fast Checkout for non-account holders
    This feature allows your customers to checkout easier and faster with PayPal even if they do not have a PayPal account and wish to pay via credit card. Many platforms that integrate with PayPal will send your customers to a PayPal page that initially prompts the visitor to sign in to pay. You can now send them to a PayPal page that instantly shows them the option to checkout with a credit card instead, and provide the sign in option as a secondary focus on that page. (This fast checkout option is great if you are only using PayPal as a payment processor)

  • Customize your receipts
    You can now add your own optional text in your receipts that ThriveCart automatically sends to your customers. This optional text is displayed at the top of the receipt, above the receipt information.
  • ‘Call To Action’ header text on Cart Page
    You can now add a call to action sub-headline text to the top of your cart page to help encourage visitors to take action and turn into a customer. This is proven to help with conversions.
  • Column Layout placement for ‘Tall One-Step Checkout’
    Whilst it is proven that having the column on the RIGHT-hand side on a one step checkout page like this one actually improves conversions, we understand some customers want the option to switch the column with the product shot, testimonials and feature/benefit break down, to show on the left. This is now an option under the template settings.
  • Custom Messages on the ‘Success’ Page
    You can now customize the text that your customers see on the success page after their purchase, even more. This allows you to say exactly what you want, give clear instructions and tailor that success page messaging.
  • SEK (Swedish Krona) currency support
    This was the first of many additional currencies we will be looking to support over the coming months. SEK support is now live inside ThriveCart.
  • Speed improvements, tweaks, and bug fixes
    We performed a very in-depth round of full testing before we opened up ThriveCart, so we are happy to say that bugs are very few and far between. However, any small issues that were found have been fixed, along with a big range of improvements and tweaks behind the scenes to improve the speed and scalability of the app. (It was already fast and performing to a great standard, with no issues reported, but we can always improve further)

So, there you have it! Our first update for ThriveCart, and what a big one it is!

We have worked around the clock to bring you this update as quickly as possible, with ALL of the above included.

When do I get these new updates?

This big update will be rolled out over the next two days and by the end of the week, everything above will be available in your ThriveCart account. We will be emailing to let you know when it goes live, so check your inbox. All you will need to do to get access to the new updates once they are live is log in.

What’s next?

Well, we are not stopping there. If you do not see an integration you want, first of all, it is very likely we are working on it right now for the next update which will come soon. (But please do get in touch and let us know what you want to see)

We are focusing on adding payment processor support for BrainTree, InfusionPayments and more autoresponder and membership integrations as well.

But, up next (Likely within the next week) we are extremely excited to announce two brand new features will be rolled out.

These are:
– Split Pay (Multi-pay) support
– The Coupon Area (Both codes and discount URLs)

These were both highly popular requests and they are nearly complete. You should see another update from us sometime next week, all going well.

And after that, we have MUCH in store, but that will be best left for another update.

So, as you can see, we are not waiting around.. We remain as focused as ever at making ThriveCart the best platform out there of its kind.

This is just the beginning.

Thank you all for using our products and in the meantime, feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions and keep your eyes peeled for more from us very soon.

Oh, and please leave a comment below, the whole team would appreciate it and would love to hear your thoughts.