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NEW UPDATE! Custom Upsell Pages, plus Zapier, Slack & Drip integrations!

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Here at ThriveCart HQ we are constantly working to make ThriveCart the best platform out there for anyone wanting to sell online.

It’s a lofty goal, but one I think we have already moved a huge way towards achieving in our first year!

As you all know, ThriveCart as a platform has not actually launched officially to the public yet. It is still only available as part of the pilot program. Bearing that in mind, the advancement in the platform and the success ourselves and our users have achieved already is all the more impressive.

We got fed up with wrestling with overpriced, complicated and antiquated cart platforms, that had old technology, didn’t do the vital things we needed to run a successful online business in the modern world, so we made ThriveCart.

We wanted something beautifully easy to use, simple and powerful at the same time, and something that would grow continually with the needs of its users.

We saw all too often, SaaS founders get their platforms to a certain level and then leave it ‘as is’ for years, while their users cried out for the features they needed.

And we knew we wanted to be different. All business changes and evolves. The industries we are all a part of do too… And therefore, so should your cart platform. After all, it’s what runs your business!

And I am proud to say I think we have already achieved that with ThriveCart, and this is just the start.
And in that spirit, we never stop working hard, behind the scenes to improve, evolve and update the platform. To give it more power and make it even better at helping you achieve your goals.

We’ve been working very hard behind the scenes since the last huge update of the affiliate center.

The affiliate center is so far ahead of the outdated affiliate options in other platforms, it can’t even be compared to them, and we already have people generating six and seven figures with our affiliate features. That makes us proud. But it doesn’t make us slow down!
We have worked tirelessly since then to bring you this new update…

It’s the first of many to come… and it’s a big one!

What’s around the corner?

Just around the corner, we have a huge update to include Physical Product support into ThriveCart. This is currently scheduled for April release. (This timing may change, but currently, everything is on schedule) This will handle shipping, quantities, multiple variations of a product (such as size, color, weight etc) and much more. This is being worked on now and it’s around the corner.

In our roadmap, we also have an eye-watering level of development on new features and functionality underway or planned for 2017! (More on that soon)

But, one of the key HUGE things that we will be working on next… right after physical product support is rolled out, is a BIG update that will give you a LOT of flexibility on how you want to set things up inside ThriveCart. We can’t give any more info on this amazing update yet, but trust us, this will be huge, give you a lot of power and you are going to LOVE it!

But, for now.. let’s have a look at all the new goodies you have in store as a ThriveCart user in our latest update which is due to be made live in the platform, early next week!

The first one is a big one!

1. Custom Upsell/Downsell Pages

Yes, It’s here! The big one. We spent a LOT of time on this and making sure it worked in a way that would be robust and flexible as well as powerful.

We’re very happy to announce that you now have the option to use your OWN pages for your upsells or downsells when using the ThriveCart platform.

This is something we’ve had planned on our roadmap from the start and something we know that a lot of users want the option for.

Whilst we knew it was important to give our users the power to create simple upsell pages in seconds, without having to set anything up… we also knew just as many of you have pages set up already that you want to use. You have things exactly how you want them and you want a cart platform to fit in seamlessly with your funnel.

Well, you got it!

You’ll be happy to know you can now easily use your own upsell page and embed ThriveCart buy buttons into your site and easily create out a custom sales funnel, using your own pages, made with your favorite page building tool!

Also, the code you embed on those pages is clever… It automatically tracks everything back to ThriveCart and even does some cool stuff which will power future features, like tracking your users time on the page and how they behave in your funnel.

All you need to do is copy and paste the button code into whatever page you wish to use, and away you go.

So now you have a choice… Create a quick and proven to convert page inside ThriveCart in a matter of seconds, or use your own custom upsell or downsell page that is exactly how you want it? No problem. You can do either with ThriveCart.

As always, we recommend testing, testing, testing! Our built in upsell and downsell page templates are designed and created with maximum conversions being the goal. And they convert VERY well for the vast majority of our users. But now you can test them against your own upsell and downsell pages and see which will bring your business the most revenue.

It’s this sort of flexibility and not tying you into a ‘specific way of doing things’ that we believe is important and is at the core of our business here at ThriveCart.

So, we hope you enjoy this new powerful functionality and we can’t wait for your feedback. We will be running a demonstration and providing more info throughout next week.

2. ThriveCart Zapier App!

The brand new ThriveCart Zapier App is landing with this new update!

Whilst you can currently integrate with Zapier using our powerful WebHook notification system, we had plans to make this simpler and easier for users.

This isn’t just your basic Zapier app with less than a handful of triggers. We have spent a huge amount of time, adding in 27+ built-in and ready to use triggers for you! This means you can build out almost any Zap you can think of, quickly and easily.

And for those of you not familiar with a ‘trigger’ this effectively means, you can tell Zapier to do something with another platform, every time that trigger happens, and a trigger is a specific event. The more triggers, the more you can do!

Competing platforms give you a maximum of 3 triggers, if at all… We spent a lot of time thinking about what you may want to do in your business and making sure we gave you that functionality.

This means, for example, you can tell Zapier to do something only if you make a sale of a specific product, or only when a customer converts and buys your bump, or only when a credit card payment is declined for example. The options are almost endless!

We wanted to create an intelligent and powerful solution for those of you who use Zapier so you can create powerful Zap’s with ease! (And if you don’t use it yet, you really should check it out and sign up a free trial account)

We have included triggers such as; when any or a particular product purchase is made, when products or upsells are created in your account, affiliate related triggers, subscription related triggers such as when a subscription payment fails, and refund triggers. Ensuring ALL bases are covered.

Zapier is a powerful platform that acts as the ‘glue’ between the systems you use in your business. So, now you can tell it to do almost anything when working with ThriveCart…

Want to automatically add only the details of customers who purchased your bump offer to a Google Docs spreadsheet? No problem, with ThriveCart and our Zapier app, you can do it in seconds. The app makes it easy for you to do, without having to understand all the tech stuff.

We’re really looking forward to seeing how you use this and the Zaps you create and we have plans to add even more to our app in future months and look out for training on how to get the most out of this hugely powerful update to the ThriveCart platform, over the coming weeks.


3. Drip Integration

I have to say it… I LOVE Drip. It’s a great platform, and we know a lot of you guys use it, which is why we have officially integrated ThriveCart and Drip so they work seamlessly and easily together!

You can now use ThriveCart’s powerful behaviour rule set and add contacts to tags or campaigns automatically based on all of the powerful options ThriveCart gives you. (For example, automatically tagging people who abandon your cart!)

We also support their order tracking (which is in beta on their end). This includes your customers lifetime value as an increasing amount as they make purchases. As their order tracking system evolves we’ll also be updating our integration.

So, if you are a Drip user, this is great news for you! And it is now easier than ever to harness the power of each platform, thanks to how closely they work together.



4. Slack Integration

Does your business use Slack? So do we. In fact, I can’t remember how we did without it.

ThriveCart’s Slack integration means you can easily send messages or notifications to your Slack channels when a specific action happens. For example, send details of a refund to your support channel in Slack, or get notified every time you make a sale.

Now you and your team can keep up to date with whats happening in ThriveCart and your business, right inside Slack, and it’s as easy as clicking a few options with our new integration!


Wrapping Up

Alongside all of the above major updates, we’ve obviously also continually been rolling various tweaks and updates to the platform to improve performance and ease of use even more.

So, as you can see, the entire team here at ThriveCart HQ are 100% focused on making ThriveCart grow from strength to strength, and whilst we have already achieved MANY firsts in the industry, become the best cart platform in the industry and seen many amazing customer success stories… this is all just the beginning and the rest of this year has some exciting things in store for ThriveCart!

As always, I want to thank you all for trusting in our platform and using ThriveCart in your business. As a team, we are here to help you however we can. But for now, it’s time for us to get back to work.

See you all soon.