Product Updates

New currency support, and further improvements

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Another big update has rolled out today!

Whats Included in this update:

1. New MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) currency support

By popular demand, we’ve now added support for MYR currency in your ThriveCart account.

ThriveCart lets you easily set different currencies and pricing on a per product basis, rather than an account-wide currency like other platforms do. This means you can easily tailor products and their pricing to your specific niches and focused customers.

Got a product targeting traffic from the UK and want to sell in GBP but then another product aimed towards Canadians and want them to pay in CAD? Not a problem! ThriveCart lets you easily set this up and charge your customers how you want, product by product.

2. Tighter integration with Drip autoresponder

ThriveCart has further enhanced the already powerful Drip integration and we’ll now also send over your customer’s shipping address if different when entered at the checkout.

This is just one of many further enhancements we’re committed to for our autoresponder integrations to ensure you’re provided with the most effective and fully supported platform in the industry.

3. New “Available anywhere except…” shipping option

When creating shipping options for your products, you can now easily exclude specific countries from your options. This gives you more flexibility when creating shipping options that will cover large amounts of countries and then let you easily create another shipping option for those excluded countries. All with just a couple of clicks.

Remember, shipping options will only show customers if they are valid. If you create a shipping option that is valid for everyone except the UK, if a customer from the UK goes to purchase your product, that shipping option will not show or be available to them.

4. One-click and refund/chargeback reducing confirmation steps

We’re going to have a blog post specifically on this in the near future to really drive home what this does, but as part of this update, we’ve also enhanced our one-click upsells and refund/chargeback feature within your funnel creation area.

Letting you choose between a one-click or improved refund and chargeback reducing micro-commitments that improve your overall revenue for your business.

We really hope you enjoyed this latest round of new features and integrations. As always, we’ll be posting more info about what is coming soon in the official Facebook group, so keep your eyes open for announcements as they happen 

If you have any questions or feedback about anything in this update, please contact our fast and friendly support team here.