Product Updates

Massive update including CNAME, GDPR, geo-based behaviour rules and more

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We’ve just added another collection of features to the platform for you guys!

They cover specific control relating to what you feel you may need to do for your business based on the location of your customers and visitors… and more!

So sit back, read and enjoy the new features!

1. Geo-based behaviour rules

Now you can run any of the powerful rules inside of ThriveCart based on the geographical location of your customer! (For example, Add a specific tag if they are purchasing and located within the EU, and much more!).

This lets you specifically tailor your rules and actions based on your customer’s location. For example, you have an autoresponder sequence with an offer that is specifically targeted at customers in the UK.

You can create a new rule that will at that contact to a tag, list, or automation IF they are from the UK (as well as all your other standard behaviour rules and events).

2. CNAME support

We’re proud to announce that you can now set your cart URLs to your own custom domain. This means you can use instead of in your checkout URLs.

This is a feature and can be easily set-up from inside of your Settings > Account-wide settings area inside the platform!

3. Built-in ‘Cookie Notification Bar’

Depending on what tracking scripts or services you load additionally into your cart page via the script area, you may need to show a cookie notification bar to your visitors to stay compliant with certain regulations.

ThriveCart provides this feature built directly into the platform (no need for 3rd-party services). You can now create a customizable bar, including your own text and terms.

You can set it to be enabled globally across your account or for specific products only. You can even select to only show specifically to users in the EU.

See our helpdesk article for further details on how to set this up.

4. Disable cart abandoned email collection

ThriveCart can automatically track visitors who abandon your cart and add them to a list, tag, or automation in your Autoresponder using it’s powerful behaviour rules. You can even use our powerful Zapier app to integrate with other services when a customer abandons your cart without purchasing (Doing so will usually fall under ‘legitimate business interests’).

But if you feel you need to, you can now customise this functionality and disable it for specific products and/or if the customer is inside/outside the EU.

Meaning you can set up your behaviour rule to capture the email address of users who abandon your cart and send this to your autoresponder, but ONLY if they are outside of the EU.

See our helpdesk article for further details on how to set this up.

5. Disable PII (Personally Identifiable Information) being included in the order query string.

ThriveCart sends information about your customer’s order and their purchase to your success pages to help you customize their experience when they land on them. You see our helpdesk article here on accessing information in the order query string.

But if you feel you need to, you can now disable this functionality from including any personally identifiable information from being passed through.

Just like our other new features, this can be set to be disabled on specific products or for customers globally/inside the EU.

See our helpdesk article for further details on how to set this up.

6. Set your affiliate’s terms and conditions

When your affiliate signs up to promote your product you’ve already been able to collect various information from and about the affiliate. You can now add an optional T&C checkbox as part of your affiliate signup process that your affiliates need to agree to before signing up.

This is entirely customizable and can contain your own text and links to your policies which they need to agree to before their application is sent through.

See our helpdesk article for further details on how to set this up.

Further GDPR information

Remember, we rolled out further GDPR features earlier this month, including the customisable checkbox which can be used to collect consent from your customers to be added to your marketing emails.

This feature lets you easily add a new checkbox to your cart which you can customise the text and include any terms or links to further information about what they are agreeing to.

You can then trigger additional behaviour rules for when the customer ticks this checkbox. Letting you easily add them to your specific marketing lists or tags.

See our helpdesk article for further details on how to set this up.

Also, you will have seen since logging into your account from the 10th May 2018, your requirement to agree to our new terms. You can find copies of all our legal documentation now at

We hope you enjoy the latest round of updates, we put a lot of work into them!

If you have any questions, you can contact our support team directly here.