Product Updates

Lulu fulfillment integration and further improvements to the platform

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This week we rolled out yet another update to the platform!

And we’re proud to announce that it brings the total number of new features, updates, tweaks or fixes that we have released for the platform this year alone… to 177!

That’s an average of more than one EVERY SINGLE working day this year!

As you can see, the team here at ThriveCart is laser-focused, committed, and working hard to continue to push ThriveCart even further ahead of the pack and ensure it continues to be the number one cart platform in the industry!

Whats Included in this update:

1. Lulu integration

This update adds ‘Lulu’ to our list of fulfillment integrations (which brings ThriveCart’s total fulfilment integrations up to 9 in total).

We are the most connected cart platform available for fulfilment integrations!

2. Enhanced support for Canadian sales tax

As part of this update, we’re also enhancing our support for our Canadian users and product category support for your sales taxes. ThriveCart already integrates with a tax authority service that offers in-cart tax calculations based on your sales nexus and your product type.

This system which we pay for and provide to you at no additional cost easily saves you hundreds of dollars in fees.

3. Speed improvements

We’re already faster than our competition with our cart loading times, but we have also incorporated another round of significant speed increases across the platform, including speed boosts for modal and embeddable carts! (And we have another round of speed increases coming soon that will boost speed even further on these carts)

Aside from these key updates we’ve also completed further tweaks such as separating the US states and Canadian provinces from the selector on the checkouts, a range of gix fixes and other improvements to the platform.

Whats next?:

We have LOTS of exciting stuff on the horizon, but for now, we are keeping info under wraps…

We’ll be posting more info about what is coming soon in the official Facebook group, so keep your eyes open for announcements as they happen 

If you have any questions or feedback about anything in this update, please contact our fast and friendly support team here.

In the meantime, we hope you like this latest update!