Product Updates

Facebook CAPI Tweaks, General enhancements, and fixes

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We hope everyone is having a great start to their May!

Kicking off this months range of updates we’ve got some tweaks and improvements to our recent Facebook CAPI integration.

Originally, when CAPI was enabled, we disabled the browser pixel from loading (except for PageView events) so that deduplication wasn’t required, however, we’ve now tweaked things so that the CAPI integration runs alongside the browser submitted events (where possible).

These are then automatically deduplicated in Facebook

As part of these tweaks, we resolved a number of minor warnings about things where parameters were now required, such as the source URL missing on a rebill event. As part of this, there have been some changes to how the InitiateCheckout event now loads.

For the most up to date information on the Facebook integration, head over to our helpdesk article to learn more.

Copy success pages

When exporting and importing cart designs you’ve always been able to specifically set what pages in the funnel are included, and now when copying a checkout design from another product in your account – you can choose to copy just the checkout design, or include the success page design too!

On top of these enhancements, we also resolved some other points, including but not limited to

  • An issue where a generated CSV could be blank
  • Social share image pulling your cart thumbnail rather than the specific set image
  • An issue where a customers name could be stripped from their order based on their behaviour in your customer hub

We’ve got some exciting new updates planned for May, so make sure to check back soon to see what’s updated!