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4 New Updates To End October!

Reading Time: 3 minutes

What a busy month this month has been, and I really hope everyone has been enjoying the new features within ThriveCart that we’ve released.

Our final update for October rolls out today, and our next update is due early November.

The following features and enhancements are now live in your accounts.

1. Recurring Billing – Notification Emails

Something we’ve planned from the beginning but was also highlighted by popular request was subscription billings having notification emails go out when payment is taken.

This now means that your customers will receive notification each time they are billed and are provided with a receipt for that payment (including tax break down if applicable).

Payment disputes (which can have a negative impact on your payment processor) often happen when a customer doesn’t recognize a payment in their bank account. Rebill receipts help reduce this by letting customers know exactly what they’re paying for, removing the confusion and reducing the risk of a dispute.


2. Refund Notes

This is a very helpful feature where should you ever issue a refund or a partial refund to a customer you can now add a short note explaining why you have done this.

This is exceptionally helpful should you ever need to go over your refunds. Or, if dealing with a customer in the future who’s had a refund before, you may want to look at their history and find out why you have previously issued a refund.

Typically you would have had to have kept separate notes, maybe look through your emails to find the reason.

Now you can simply and quickly see the reason directly within ThriveCart.


3. Countdown Timer Tweaks

We’ve improved the countdown timer so you can now choose hours and minutes instead of just days for when a user lands on your cart page.

This is great for those urgent promotions or to induce real scarcity to your products.

Want to give your customers only 10 minutes to make a decision when they land on your cart page? Now you can.

This is a great scarcity improvement by reducing the decision time for a more immediate effect.


4. We AutoDetect Your Customers Country

This is a small enhancement to the cart page, but it sets us up for some great future improvements we’ve got planned.

Originally if you were requesting your customer address or country details then the country selector defaulted to ‘United States of America’

Many of you wanted the option to change this default country to one of your choosing, but we’ve taken it one step further.

Now when a customer lands on the cart page, the country shown in the selector will default to the country they are in.

We’ve got some exciting updates planned around this feature in the future, but for now for customers outside of the USA we’ve helped improved their checkout experience by not having to find their country in the drop down (making it quicker for them to check out and buy your product).


Wrapping Up

So, that’s October completed.

I said at the beginning we had a busy month planned and I wasn’t wrong.

This month alone we’ve rolled out;

  • ApplyPay
  • Terms & Conditions Check Box
  • Optional Business Name Field
  • Quantity Limits
  • Custom Field Support for Receipts
  • Ability to Disable EU VAT Collection
  • Quarterly Billing
  • New Taiwan Dollar Support
  • 7-Day Account Snapshot
  • Countdown Timers
  • Success Page Redirects
  • Ability to Hide your Coupon Fields
  • ActiveCampaign Tag Support
  • Czech Koruna Currency Support
  • Ability to Clone Coupons
  • Language Support for French, German, Spanish & Italian
  • Refund Notes
  • Recurring Billing Emails
  • Country Auto Detection
  • + MORE

This along with our standard tweaking to the platform shows you our dedication to the ThriveCart platform.

We really hope you enjoyed these updates this month, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.