Product Updates

Customer hub tweaks and more

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We’ve rolled out a number of updates and improvements to the platform today – let’s go through what’s changed!

What’s changed?

We have fixed a problem with the customer hub – the area your customers can access to view and manage their purchases, subscriptions and payment details! – where cancelling their subscription wouldn’t work if you didn’t have an email set on your product for support. We fixed a glitch with Ontraport where, for those with a great many tags, not all of them would pull through and show as available to use. We fixed a rare problem where the option to revoke access to your membership site when a customer refunds didn’t always trigger.

For customers on mobile devices, we made some spacing and alignment tweaks to our modal cart to tighten things up and make them more consistent.

We even increased the loading speed of affiliate links more than 20%!

Every week we roll out many tweaks and improvements like this, and we’re always working on new features and functionality for the platform! Stay tuned for more.

Updates coming soon

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team here.