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Countdown Timers & More… 4+ New Updates!

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We weren’t lying when we said we had a busy month this month.

So far we’ve rolled out 9 updates to ThriveCart along with our usual tweaking and smaller changes in October alone. Plus we’ve got another 4+ updates and enhancements today with even more coming later.

We’ve got so much planned for ThriveCart and we doing our best to roll out updates as soon as they’re ready.

So let’s take a look at what’s available now in your account.

1. Countdown Timers

Building on from our previous scarcity feature (quantity limits) we’re really happy to announce on cart countdown timers.

Now you can cut down on cart abandonment, increase sales and remind your visitors to take action by adding a countdown timer directly into your cart pages!

You can choose exactly what you want to happen when the countdown ends, whether it counts down to a set date or from the first day they see the page for x days and more. (All with only a few clicks)

They are designed specifically to be eye-catching BUT also fit into the cart and not detract from the buying experience! (Maximum benefit).

When the timer hits 0 you’ll have a couple of options. Either replace the cart with a message, redirect to another URL or for your evergreen promotions; reset the countdown.

This gives you endless possibilities.

Such a possibility is a limited discount offer. Inform your potential customer that your offer is only available for a limited time, after this, the price will be going up. You can then automatically redirect to a new cart page with your higher price when the timer reaches 0.

Watch a video below on our countdown timer.

2. Success Page Redirection

We actually pushed this update forward after a high volume of requests from users wanting the ability to use their own custom success pages after the customer had bought their product.

Originally this was planned as part of our custom upsell & down sell pages update, but I’m happy to say that you can now use your own custom success pages once your customer has completed their purchase.

By default we handle everything for you, generate your success page and deliver the links to your products based on their checkout purchases.

Now you have the option to quickly and easily decide if you want to use our generated pages or redirect to another URL, such as a page on your website which is great depending on the type of product or service that you sell.

What’s more all the customer order information is passed through to your custom URL, giving you the ability to customize the page to each individual customer.

Watch a video below on our custom success URLs.

3. Hide the Coupon Field

This is a great update for our already excellent coupon system.

It was one of our highest voted feature requests and I’m happy to say it’s now available to you.

When setting up your cart you can now choose whether or not you want to hide the coupon field for your product.

When hiding the coupon field, it prevents users from entering a coupon manually for your product but, still allows you to use a coupon code in the URL allowing you to link to a discounted copy of your product but not allow customers to manually add the coupon.

4. ActiveCampaign Tag Support

This is a biggie for our ActiveCampaign users!

We now support tags in our autoresponder rule system.

When adding leads and customers to your ActiveCampaign account you can now choose from adding them to lists, automations, and existing tags!

Remember with our rule system you can setup multiple rules so you can add multiple tags per customer based on their action in the cart.

You can also remove tags if you need to, such as on a refund.


Additional Updates Rolled Out

On top of the 4 updates mentioned above we’ve also completed the following:

  • Clone Coupons.
    You can now clone your coupons from within your dashboard making it super quick to create similarly setup coupons for your products.
  • Quantity Limits Reset.
    Now with your quantity limits feature you can have the quantity reset back to the original amount when it hits 0. Perfect for your evergreen promotions.
  • Czech Koruna Support.
    For all our users in the Czech Republic and users wishing to sell to them, you can now use their currency as an option for your products.

Wrapping Up

Are we sure it’s not Christmas? The cart that keeps on giving, keeps on giving!

We hope you really enjoy these new awesome and powerful features, as you can see ThriveCart is the best most powerful cart platform in the industry by far and continues to grow. If you’re not sure if ThriveCart is suitable for you, please get in touch and let’s have a chat.

Enjoy this update and tell us what you think in the comments below.