Best Digital Products to Sell in 2024

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If you’re searching for a way to generate a sustainable, low-maintenance, and high-profit revenue stream, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect resource.

Digital products offer remarkably high profit margins in comparison to those of physical products. Their low production costs and general ease of delivery make digital products like online courses, ebooks and guides, and graphic files a major financial opportunity for content creators.

This guide will help you discover the most profitable digital products on the internet, how to start selling them, and some tips on how to increase sales of your top digital products.

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1. Online Courses

The demand for online education has experienced unprecedented growth, and it looks like 2024 will be another bumper year where there will be a surge in the popularity of online courses. You can tap into this trend by creating and selling high-quality online courses catering to diverse niches.

Professional skills development

With remote work becoming the norm, there is an increasing demand for courses that enhance professional skills. Entrepreneurs can develop courses focusing on in-demand skills such as digital marketing, data analytics, and coding. Or, focus on in-demand soft skills such as communication and management. Offering a personalized and interactive learning experience will set your course apart in a crowded market.

Wellness and personal discovery

The wellness industry is booming, and individuals are increasingly seeking online courses for personal development and self-improvement. Entrepreneurs can explore creating courses covering topics such as mindfulness, fitness routines, and mental health. Or yoga, relationship advice, or weight management… the possibilities are endless!

Leverage video and rich text

Integrating rich learning materials into your course such as video and downloadable PDFs creates an immersive experience that will help all your students succeed. Formatting your course so your valuable information is easy to scan and digest is also a must. Make sure you also include plenty of reference images so visual learners gain an edge.

2. Ebooks

Ebooks continue to be a staple in the digital content landscape, offering a convenient and accessible way for individuals to consume written content. In 2024, you can leverage the enduring popularity of ebooks to explore innovative approaches to digital publishing and spread the word about your ideas.

Interactive ebooks

Enhancing the traditional ebook format by incorporating interactive elements can elevate the reading experience. Why not publish your ebooks with embedded multimedia, quizzes, and interactive graphics, providing readers with a more engaging and immersive journey. Outside traditional self-publishing platforms, the sky’s the limit.

Niche markets

Catering to niche markets allows entrepreneurs to address specific interests and passions. Whether it’s a guide on niche hobbies, in-depth industry insights, or specialized knowledge, ebooks tailored to unique audiences can find a dedicated reader base. 


Collaboration is key in the digital age. Why not team up with other experts in your field to create collaborative projects? By pooling together diverse perspectives and knowledge, you can not only expand your reach, but also tap into a wider network. This helps distribute your knowledge and ideas to even more people who could find them useful.

3. Software and apps

The software market is continually evolving, driven by technological advancements and the ever-growing needs of businesses and individuals. If you’re a tech wizard or coder, you can leverage the power of an online shopping cart solution to distribute your software and offer innovative solutions to common challenges.

Productivity apps

With remote work setups becoming more prevalent, there is a heightened demand for efficient project management tools. Try your hand at developing and selling software that streamlines project collaboration, task management, and communication.

AI-powered generators

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in productivity apps is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. Explore creating AI-driven solutions that create tailored content, beautiful images or even software of their own, and you’ll find a hungry market.

Mobile games

Another hot digital product to explore, the mobile game economy shows no sign of slowing down. Although the most popular pricing model is still freemium with a liberal sprinkling of in-app purchases, you could always publish special editions of your game – or lifetime licenses – through an online shopping cart.

4. Graphics and Assets

In a digital world driven by visuals, the demand for high-quality artwork and graphics is ever-present. Business owners with creative skills can explore the vast opportunities within the digital art and graphics market.

Custom digital illustrations

Individuals and businesses are always seeking unique digital illustrations for various purposes, including branding, marketing materials, and online content. Entrepreneurs can offer custom digital illustration services, tailoring their work to the specific needs and aesthetics of their clients.

Stock graphics and design elements

Creating and selling stock graphics, design elements, and templates is a lucrative venture for people with a knack for graphic design. This can include anything from icons and infographics to social media templates and presentation slides, to be downloaded as higher-priced packs or individually.

NFT art

The rise of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has revolutionized the art market. Entrepreneurs can explore creating and selling digital art as NFTs, providing a unique and decentralized way for artists to monetize their creations while offering buyers a sense of ownership and exclusivity – and can be sold easily with an online shopping cart solution.

5. Website templates

With businesses and individuals constantly seeking an online presence, the demand for visually appealing and functional websites is at an all-time high. Entrepreneurs can capitalize on this demand by creating and selling website templates that cater to different industries and purposes.

Accessible and user-friendly designs

As the use of mobile devices continues to rise, entrepreneurs can focus on creating website templates with responsive designs that adapt seamlessly to various screen sizes. User-friendly interfaces and intuitive navigation are key factors that contribute to the success of website templates, and will make your templates popular amongst customers.

Ecommerce templates

The growth of ecommerce has created a need for visually stunning and functional online storefronts. Entrepreneurs can specialize in designing and selling e-commerce website templates, providing businesses with a ready-made solution to establish their online presence – selling them, of course, via your own gorgeous shopping cart page.

Other templates

Tools such as Notion, WordPress and Ghost have created their own template “language” – and also generated high demand in each of these niches. With a range of customers needing specific projects for their own unique set ups, these new tools provide a rich new world of opportunity.

Which digital product to sell?

The overall answer to the above question is: whichever fits your goals and experience! All the digital products we’ve outlined here are great places to start, and let you translate your vast knowledge and expertise into a lucrative opportunity.

From online courses that empower individuals with knowledge to software solutions that streamline business operations, and from visually stunning artwork to website templates that shape the online landscape – the digital marketplace is a canvas of possibilities.

Best of all, you can sell all of these and more with ThriveCart. Buy your lifetime license now and start exploring a world of digital business opportunities!

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