Product Updates

Automatic & manual dashboard images

Reading Time: 2 minutes The platform will now automatically create product thumbnails based on your checkout design!

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Hi Everyone!

Another great update to report today and available and live in your account right now – the addition of automatic dashboard images for your products!

Now, after creating your checkout and saving your product, your dashboard will automatically update with a thumbnail of the checkout you’ve created in the editor.

This image is used across several internal places in your dashboard and in your affiliate & business partner dashboards.

What’s more, it’ll automatically keep up to date every time you make a change in the editor and then save your product.

Don’t want to use an image of your checkout page?

Not a problem – we’ve got you covered there too! Simply hover over the image and you can upload your own custom image.

We recommend an image size of 500x370px as this will give you a nice-looking image when scaled down to fit this area.

Receipt dates

Additionally, we’ve also released an update that looks to localise the dates in your receipts. Now, instead of your receipts being in UTC, the dates in the receipts will be relative to your customer’s location when they completed their order!

This update also saw a tweak and fix where some dates were not translated into some languages.

We really hope you enjoy the new updates and more to come from the ThriveCart team soon!