Product Updates

Advanced fraud prevention & bot detection

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Today we’re pleased to announce the rollout of two powerful new options for fraud prevention and bot detection.

Spam, bots and card testing can pose a significant problem for anyone operating online, and card testing especially can negatively impact your merchant or payment processor account.

Now with ThriveCart, you can choose to enable Google reCAPTCHA or hCaptcha on your cart pages to automatically analyse and prevent bots from filling out your checkout pages and performing card testing in your account! This is in addition to our existing internal fraud prevention techniques which are always on! When enabled, these services will analyse traffic for suspicious patterns or behaviour and automatically show a ‘challenge’ to those users before allowing their purchase request to go through.

The vast majority of your users won’t see any challenge and won’t have their experience impacted at all!

This is available to all users in the platform immediately, so head to your account-wide settings area to choose which service you’d like to use and enable it.

Stay tuned for more news and updates from the ThriveCart team! We have more features in the pipeline coming very soon that we can’t wait to announce!,